Spirits of Sarasota: Gecko’s Lounge Lizard

Oct 16, 2015

A refreshing beverage with an appropriate name.
By Hannah Wallace, Sarasota Magazine
This week: The signature Lounge Lizard at Gecko’s Grill and Pub
The drink: Rum, melon liqueur and banana liqueur mixed with pineapple juice—not as sweet as it sounds, a refreshing beverage with an appropriate name: It’s good for lounging. And banana is an underutilized flavor in today’s tropical cocktails.
The bar: Bless Gecko’s, just what you’d think a Sarasota-based sports pub chain would be. Solid, classy furnishings, plenty of televisions . Whichever location (we were on Hillview), you’re as likely to see professionals andfamilies with children as you are groups of sports fans or even actual beer-league teams having post-game beverages.
The food: The big menu of elevated pub fare doesn’t disappoint. We had Boom Boom Shrimp—buttery fried with a rich and slightly spicy sauce—and mozz sticks, but I can rarely resist the sweet-salty-savory blue cheese chips. Good burgers, burritos, steaks—you name it, really.
Other notable potables: There’s a whole menu of fruity tropical cocktail creations—as well as seasonal specials.