Gecko’s receives Community Impact Award from Downtown Sarasota Alliance

Feb 22, 2023

The Downtown Sarasota Alliance hosted its third annual Evening of Recognition and Awards Celebration Feb. 21 at Tamiami Tap.

DSA Chair and Presenting Sponsor Shay Atluru started the celebration with a brief presentation on DSA’s mission. “Our job is to increase the quality of life in downtown for residents, merchants and businesses,” Atluru said.

Local businesses, merchants and community members sat on the edge of their seats as they waited for the award winners to be announced. 

“Someone who brings value to the community should be recognized,” said Atluru. He explains that many times these local business and people make the community a better place without the expectation of acknowledgement or reward. “That’s what we are doing (the DSA Annual Evening of Recognition and Awards Ceremony). We are saying, ‘Thank you for all that you’re doing.'”