Gecko’s Award-winning Shark Lady Cocktail Keeps on Giving

Feb 27, 2023

After the suncoast region experienced a severe red tide season in 2018 the Gecko’s Hospitality Group wanted to find a way to help the community by creating the shark lady cocktail.

 “There is a lot of people who are moving to this part of the world who may not know about the important of the precious waters that make us all have quality of life here,” Anne Rollings said.

With every purchase a dollar goes towards the Mote Marine Laboratory.

“We didn’t want to do another red cocktail we wanted to do something that was beautiful and tasty and just about anyone with any taste could enjoy if they wanted to support the cause,” Rollings said. 

The shark lady cocktail has coconut rum, with pineapple juice, sour mix, blue curacao and shark gummy.

The Geckos Hospitality Group so far raised almost 50,000 dollars since 2018.